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Portable Energy Storage Tank
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    Portable Energy Storage Tank

    Product Features:

    safe and environmental friendly, high power, long lifespan, practical and easy to carry. 

    Applicable Areas:

    Office Equipment: computer, telephone, printer, monitor, photocopier, fax machine,  projector, etc;

    Household Appliances: TV, DVD, electric fan, microwave oven, head lamp;

    Outdoor Work: outdoor lighting, electric tools, vehicle rescue, disaster relief, business promotion, etc;

    Recreation and Entertainment: smart phone, tablet PC, digital video camera,, battery charging and GPS.

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  • Portable Energy Storage Tank
    Energy Storage Battery Specification Energy Storage Battery Capacity Charging Volatge AC Output USB Output Operation Temperature Range
    14.4V/33AH 475wh 16.8V 5A AC100V/110V/120//220V/230V/240V 5V 1A/ 5V 2A -20 -50 
    14.4V/66AH 950Wh  16.8V 5A/16.8V 10A AC100V/110V/120//220V/230V/240V 5V 1A/ 5V 2A -20 -50 

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