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333.7V 93.4KWH- Logistics Vehicle
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    333.7V 93.4KWH- Logistics Vehicle

    Great Power is a joint-stock high-tech enterprise that integrates the R&D, manufacturing, and sales of green and high performance power lithium battery pack, energy storage application, and charging system.

    Great Power has accumulated and precipitated battery technologies over the years, battery module structuring, energy density, safety performance, lifespan, consistency and air tightness, and compression and vibration reduction performance are Great Power’s competitive edges on the market. Its battery packs are widely used for buses, passenger vehicles, and special vehicles such as logistics vehicles, sanitation vehicles and sprinkling vehicles. Great Power’s primary mission is to provide energy system solutions for customers, and satisfy clients’ needs in customization in addition

  • Basic Specification
    Vehicle Type Rated Capacity Rated Voltage  Rated Total Energy System Composing
    Protection Level 
    of External Case
    Battery Type
     Logistics Vehicle 280AH 333.7V 93.4KWH 94S4P IP67 GSP27135206E
    70AH  3.55V
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